“Living By Faith” you could write the end of my love story!


Hello all,

I am writing a letter in hopes that some how and in some way it will reach the person it is intended for. There is only one other person who knows why this blog, letter, or what ever you want to consider it is being posted and my hope is that it reaches the person before its too late. There is a special someone who has made it into my life though a friend of friend of a friend who goes here or does this but has in some way effected my life in a way that I have dedicated my time to reach out to her. The living by faith part comes in as I don’t have very many connection or followers. The ones that I do have via Facebook or Twitter will not be used and I am still not sure who can even view this site or have access to what I am writing. I encountered this wonderful woman through word of mouth physically, so I am trying to reach out to her using almost the same but through social media and faith. I could very easily get a hold of my friend of a friend and talk to her, but for me I am almost seeking a sign from the man upstairs that I should pursue the passion he has instilled and this idea and dream I have that could possibly shape the rest of my life. The only thing I am using is this website and that hope you will pass it on through your social media sites and someone has a friend of a friend somewhere that knows this special person and will help write the rest of my story! The only thing I ask is that you say a prayer and repost on you social media sites and ask your friends and family to say a prayer and post. Through the power of prayer and the grace of god I believe that people will open their hearts and live by faith and the letter will get to its destination if it’s truly meant to be.


So I am signing off with my a prayer but not only for my self, and I pray “Dear Lord, I pray that whoever reads this shall have your comfort, joy, peace, love, and guidance to be carried  by you as I am. I may not know of their trouble, their name, there struggles or where their faith lays, but I know that you do. Bless them as you have blessed me and open their hearts to serve the purpose you have for them in your master plan. In Jesus name I sincerely pray. Amen”

I thank each and everyone of you so please leave a comment or prayer to let me know and appreciate who stands with me on this wonderful amazing journey. If I have opened your eyes or heart in any anyway then even if my letter falls short I could still be just as satisfied and content that I have helped or entered the life of someone new.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Don’t be Butt Hurt. Lord knows I’m not

Well as far back as I could remember I was always raising hell and jacking myself up pretty good. Countless trips to the hospital with broken this or broken that. My parents always got mad and told me I was an accident waiting to happen. One day after a trip back from the emergency room (through no fault of my own for once) my dad told me he thinks I may have shit for brains. I didn’t get all butt hurt about it.


In fact I could careless. After a few more years of jacking this up and jacking that up. Staples in my head stitches in my lip arm and forehead. One day I ripped half my finger off playing with a boulder. Thought I was Incredible Hulk I guess. My dad finally came out and said it. You are an accident waiting to happen and it’s not surprising since you were an accident and never meant to be here.

An accident, mishap, or, more archaically, misadventure, is an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance, often with lack of intention or necessity. It usually implies a generally negative outcome which might have been avoided or prevented had circumstances leading up to the accident been recognized, and acted upon, prior to its occurrence. Injury prevention refers to activities designed to foresee and avoid accidents.

Since I (the accident) could have been prevented or avoided but the two parties were too stupid and had shit for brains also I took a look at a few accidents


Amazing care wrecks




The hilarious face plant.

My all time favorite NUT SHOTS




It taught me some accidents are funny, dangerous, and down right awesome just like me. So I will continue rollin like this till you know



The mother trucking wheels fall off!

Sorry this pic was yet another